I dream of vw camper vans

miniature campervan

head for the coast, surf boards on the roof

I dream of vw camper vans. I want to head for the coast, surf boards on the roof, music blasting out over my high end sound system. When I get there all I want to do is park up, throw open the side door and sit there chilling with a cold beer from the fridge looking out at the waves gently lapping on the beach.

As the sun goes down I’ll light the barbecue and move on to a bottle of wine. My fingers and face get all sticky from the melting butter and the bbq sauce. It’s great to watch the sunset over the sea.

The breeze gets up little but we are cozy sat next to the van. The pop top roof is up and looks good illuminated by the light from inside. The rock and roll bed has already been pulled out ready for us to collapse into. The duvet makes a nice change from a sleeping bag in the tent.

We pull the curtains round and slide the door shut. Lying back we cuddle up and stare up at the roof. We can still hear the sound of the sea and the occasional laughter coming from the beach. We are happy where we are.

In the morning we are woken by birds. It gets light early at this time of year. One of us sticks the kettle on and we lie there sipping our tea listening to anything going on outside the protection of our camper. Time to get up. We set up the camping chairs, thrown in the front of the van overnight, and get our feet wet in the dew.

Gradually the campsite wakes up around us. We pack the bed away. It takes seconds. The duvet is thrown into the cupboard and we look forward to another day without care.

You have to be able to dream. You don’t need to own a campervan to be able to do this. Our campervan, Betty, is for hire. She is a 1971 VW T2 bay and is a dream to drive. See our campervan hire page for available dates.

Stay tuned…

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