guide to erecting the drive away awning

campervan bertie with standalone driveaway awning

Really helpful guide to erecting the drive away awning

My husband Tref has thrown this guide to erecting the drive away awning. It’s fairly rudimentary but it does provide some useful tips, such as which is the front and which is the back 🙂

The awning is really useful if you are spending more than one night in the same place. I’m not sure it’s worth the effort if you are moving around and having to erect it in a new place every day, although you would pretty quickly become expert at it. Of course if you are relying on it for the extra sleeping space then you have no choice.

We use the awning as a bit of living expansion space. Also it’s somewhere handy for slinging the table and chairs when headed to the beach, for example.

The video isn’t going to win any Oscars bless him but he did his best and it does give you a feel for what to do and I think you will find it useful. Also Tref didn’t peg it down or put out the guy ropes which you should do if you don’t want the awning to blow away in the wind:)

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A short video added in July 2020 on how to fold the awning – taken by a friend at Longdales campsite near Buxton.

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Photo of awning in “driveaway mode”

campervan bertie with standalone driveaway awning


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