Cool VW camper van salt & pepper pots

vw salt pepper pots

VW camper salt & pepper pots

We are now proud owners of a really cool VW camper van salt and pepper pots cruet set to go in Betty. This is to accompany the VW camper van egg cups we talked about the other week. Thinking about it the salt and pepper is ideal for seasoning your boiled eggs, although that’s not particularly what we had in mind when we saw them. We just thought they looked cute.

The season is upon us and we are heading out in Betty ourselves one night this week. Don’t know where yet but photos will be forthcoming. Skegness maybe!

Betty has her first festival booking of the season. She is headed to Southwold for the Latitude Festival. Using a VW camper van for a festival is the perfect accommodation because it doesn’t matter if it rains. You have somewhere cosy to collapse in at the end of a hard day’s partying. You can also recharge your mobile phone overnight as well as playing your fave tunes on Betty’s in car stereo on the journey down (up?).

If anyone has any suggestions for other cool VW camper van accessories for Betty then please by all means leave a comment on the Anne’s Vans Facebook Page. Every suggestion given fair consideration 🙂

Anne’s Vans is a Lincoln based VW camper van hire business. Our first van, Betty, is a fully restored 1971 T2 Bay window beauty and carries her original paint scheme. The interior has been revamped to modern standards. Betty was originally converted in the Devon Moonraker workshops. If you want to chat about hiring Betty please get in touch either using the contact details on this site or by messaging us on the Anne’s Vans Facebook Page.