Campervans for all weathers

Anne sat outside restaurant in rain waiting for lunch

The campsite toilet and shower blocks have reopened and the campervan season is in full swing. Even the weather looks like improving as we head towards the bank holiday weekend. I’ll believe it when I see it 🙂 

Weather isn’t really a factor in a campervan in the way that it is if you are camping. Even cold weather doesn’t seem to affect things. The vans are really toasty inside. In fact it is quite nice sitting in the van making a brew whilst the rain falls gently on the pop top roof. Sometimes sends one of those relaxing shivers down my spine.

Shorts t-shirt and flip flops are perfectly adequate attire for such occasions maybe with a waterproof for the occasional rain shower. Legs dry a lot more quickly than trousers. I recall a family holiday in Brittany years ago when our 4 kids were still quite small. Tref and the three boys had bought snorkeling gear. 

We hit the beach and the lads all went off snorkeling. After perhaps half an hour the rain started to come down and the beach suddenly deserted leaving only me and our daughter left there huddled under an umbrella with towels wrapped around us. The snorkelers hadn’t even noticed it was raining and it seemed like ages before they returned to the beach and we could go back to where we were staying. Tough lot us Brits.

I used to reckon that you could count on the fingers of one hand the days where you could sit outside of an evening to have dinner. Covid has made us all a bit hardier as sitting outside has often been the only option. Witness our campervan trip to Cromer where at the restaurant where we had lunch we sat outside in the rain wearing five layers of clothing (see featured image). Didn’t stop us having a good time 🙂

The next day the weather was perfect until just after we set off for home when the heavens opened again. The video below shows the windscreen wipers working away in the campervan en route home from Cromer. The  flood didn’t last and were able to stop off en route to buy fresh strawberries and asparagus from a farm shop at the side of the road. Happy days.