3 VW campervans go on holiday

3 vw campervans

I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are back in the 1970s. Flares, flower power, love and peace. The Bardney Festival is on. You and some mates have rocked up in your VW campervans. Everyone is having fun. 

You park the vans in a semi circle and sit outside, drink in hand. Someone gets their geetar out and bashes out a few anthems. A few Dylan numbers. Everyone joins in the chorus.

The scene fades and your eyes open. The year is 2021 but there in front of you it still looks like the 1970s. Three VW campervans have arrived at Stourton Woods, a few short miles from the site of the Bardney Festival and now the site of the Beyond The Woods festival every August.

The video is drone footage of the three vans arriving at the Arboretum in Stourton Woods where we recently spent a fantastic weekend. On this occasion it was a photoshoot but we eventually downed cameras and chilled into the evening. Tref even got his guitar out but there appears to be no photographic evidence of this. Probably a good thing.

This is not an exclusive club. Our vintage campervans are all available to hire. In fact, thinking about it why not hire all three or all four including Vera the T6. It’s great to go away in convoy. Just one campervan gets lots of waves. When you are in a convoy of campervans it’s as if everyone lines the streets and waves madly. Well nearly.

We supply you with the vans and tables and camping chairs for sitting outside the vans. You bring the beer and wine. Maybe a french baguette and some cheese and pate. Close your eyes again and picture it. It’s almost as if you are there already. Breathe out and relax.